The members of the Ethics in Common Committee will meet on May 15th 2023 at the Ifremer Atlantique Centre in Nantes.

The morning session will be devoted to the bimonthly plenary meeting. After lunch in the presence of François Houllier, CEO of Ifremer, Chantal Compère, acting Scientific Director of Ifremer, and Dominique Guéguen, Deputy Director of the Atlantic Centre, the members of the Committee will visit the new eco-designed Batimer building, completed in early 2023. They will attend a presentation of a "Blue Chair" project on the theme "Impact of environmental contamination on the microbiome of aquatic species (bivalves and microalgae)" led by Anthony Bertucci.

From 4:00 pm onwards, the committee members will be given time to discuss the topic of self-referral with the staff of the four institutes present " What are the rights and duties for scientists and their institutions in the face of the environmental crisis?” for which they are finalising a discussion paper. This exchange will take place in the Jean-Paul Troadec amphitheatre of the Ifremer Atlantique Centre. The staff of the four organisations are invited to attend.

Illustration: new eco-designed BATIMER building at the Ifremer Atlantique Centre in Nantes - Photo credit: W. Berré