On Monday 14 November 2022, the Ethics in Common Committee met to discuss its referral « Exploration, exploitation and preservation of unknown and slightly anthropised environments ».  Following interventions by experts at previous meetings, which made it possible to gather a wide range of knowledge, the committee took advantage of this new discussion session to reframe the working group's referral note more precisely. In addition, the format of the guidance was a subject of discussion to ensure that the research workers of the four organisations use it in a concrete way. The development of a reading grid that could be used by all and adapted to the specificities of each one was considered as a preferred solution.

The next ethics committee meeting will take place on the 23rd of January 2023.


Contribution to the referral via the website : 

"With regard to the exploration of slightly anthropised ecosystems, a general principle of multi-factorial evaluation of the risks incurred, including the native human populations, should prevail and be the "law" before any possibility of a reasoned, respectful and reversible exploitation. The principles of an "Ethics of the Common Good" must be applied."

The Committee's response: "Thank you for your contribution. We discussed it during our meeting and will take it into consideration for the next step. We would like to draw up a common reading grid in order to integrate an ethical questioning during the elaboration of scientific projects in relation with slightly anthropised environments. This grid would aim to take into account, on the one hand, the notion of the transparency of research motivations and, on the other hand, the notion of the risks involved with the implementation of this research.

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Illustration: Meeting of the Ethics in Common Committee on 14 November 2022 | Photo credit : INRAE